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Dissolution disclaimer: I am not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election.

I can be contacted via:
E: george@georgehowarth.org.uk
T: 0151 546 9918
A: Lathom House, North Mersey Business Centre, Woodward Road, Kirkby, L33 7UY

I have represented Knowsley since 1986 - the constituency has gone through a number of changes over the years, but throughout that time I have always fought for local people and to protect vital public services.
My priorities are to protect and create jobs through a strong economy, education and training for all, a worldclass NHS, fair immigration policies, safe communities, a fair deal for older people and clear action to tackle climate change.
Please get in touch to let me know your concerns.

George Howarth
Labour MP for Knowsley

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If you have contacted me about a campaign, petition or policy issue; I will post all responses here on my website.
If you are asking me to sign an Early Day Motion (EDM) you can check the EDMs I have signed here.
To follow the progress of Bills before Parliament in 2017-2019, click here.

Brexit update
21 October 2019
On Saturday in Parliament, I voted for Oliver Letwin’s amendment to Boris Johnson’s motion. The amendment was carried.
This means that Parliament withholds its consent for the deal, unless and until, the withdrawal bill implementing Brexit has been approved by the House of Commons. I voted for the amendment for two main reasons. First, I thought it was a bad deal: it does not provide the assurances I would need to ensure that thousands of manufacturing jobs would not be lost in Knowsley; does not guarantee food and medicine supplies and security; does not provide a trustworthy assurance on workers’ rights and; would fatally undermine the Good Friday Agreement.
Secondly, I do not trust Boris Johnson’s assurances. Sadly, he has in his short time as Prime Minister, demonstrated that he cannot be taken at his word.
Similarly, I do not trust the Tory Party. On workers’ rights, for example, it was the Tory Party which opted out of the Social Chapter of the Maastricht Treaty, opposed the introduction of the National Minimum Wage under the last Labour government and repeatedly referred to rights in the workplace as ‘red-tape’. Over the coming weeks, the Brexit process will remain uncertain as Parliament considers the relevant legislation. Albeit half-heartedly, Boris Johnson has applied to the EU for an extension.
I honestly do not believe that any deal is likely to emerge which meets the concerns I have about how Knowsley and our country will be adversely affected.
In the circumstances, therefore, I think it would make sense to put the current deal back to the people, alongside the option to Remain. I do understand the reasons why more than half of the people of Knowsley voted to leave in 2016, but it has become increasingly clear that none of those reasons are likely to be met by this deal.
None of us - me included – could have known how complicated and damaging the process of leaving the EU would turn out to be. That being the case, I think it would make sense for all of the us to have the opportunity to confirm whether or not this deal is right for our country.

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